The Must-Read Steps To Continuous Self-Motivation

Being motivated is really something only you can do for yourself. Nobody can make another person be motivated. It comes entirely from within.

Motivation comes from having a vision, an idea, a goal for yourself, and a desire to accomplish. It comes from being interested.

Nobody can be interested for you. Not your friends, not your parents, not your teacher.

Getting interested in a subject can make the difference between hating a class, and loving it. Sometimes it might be difficult to find the interesting aspects of a particular subject, but with a little effort, it can be done.

The same can be said of people. You may not really care for a particular person, but if you take the time to look at that person, and identify their good qualities, you will probably end up with a different opinion of them than when you started. Everyone has good qualities that we can come to appreciate.

It’s the same wilt classes, and different subjects.

Why do you want to be a better student?

Is it so that you can have a good job that will make it easier for you take care of your family when the time comes?

Is it because you want to have a nice house, and a nice car, and live in a nice neighborhood?

Whatever your reasons are, use them to keep yourself motivated.

Tell yourself regularly, that you are a great student, and that you will do well in your classes.

Set yourself up to succeed by always being prepared, always completing your assignments on time, by showing respect for yourself, and others, and by applying yourself.

Think positively at all times.

When you find yourself a bit discouraged, realize that it is only a temporary situation, and that each new day brings us the opportunity to succeed.

As long as you keep on striving towards your goals, you will get there.

There is a story of an eagle that was born in a nest of baby chickens. Its egg had fallen from it’s nest and landed there. It grew up thinking it was a chicken, and acted like chickens do.

One day it saw a great, beautiful bird in the sky, and asked, “what kind of bird is that in the sky?”. its mother answered, “that is the eagle, the master of the skies.” The young eagle remarked at what a wonderful thing it would be to be able to fly that way. Its mother told it not to waste the time thinking about it, because it could never hope to reach that high. It never did. The young eagle lived out it’s life acting like a chicken, doing what chickens do, and never learned how to fly.

Do you want to be a chicken, or an eagle that soars, and rules the skies?