Flow of Your Essay

You are supposed to think you are supposed to note down the key points which come to your mind some statistics which come to your mind some examples which come to your mind just note them down on rough sheet spend the first two minutes just thinking and once you have a decent number of points in your mind start organizing it okay I can say this in my first paragraph in my body I can portray this in my second paragraph and so on so organize the points which you have written down rough sheet in your mind into a flow in your essay then you start writing and transfer that I hope answers your questions on the cuttings if you have that flow in your mind if you have that sequence built up you will always get rough sheets you will always have some space to write down beyond jot down your key points.

You will always have a rough shape so if you have that flow in your mind if you have the structure in your mind if you have those examples and statistics ready you know what to put where cuttings are bound to be much less you will always have a lesser number of cutting Sasha so that is what I said if you are starting the essay right at the beginning you always find the time was extra so when you are given an essay topic the first two minutes just spend it thinking because if you have that structure in your mind or a decent structure of a rough structure in your mind how you are going to write this you will find the writing time also is much shorter you’ll need much less time to write those 300 words.

okay and of course the cuttings will be less the the missing of points will not be there try to do that so maybe don’t do it for tomorrow but now onwards you can always practice this okay yes guys any questions so far any questions guys so far okay so nice the takeaway from today’s session is this much one you need to have good content you need to work very sequentially very structured way on your content second you must have a very clear structure your essay must use right into introduction paragraph you must have a body and you must have a distinct conclusion all of essay writing service nz them should be visibly distinct third you have to avoid your grammatical errors your cuttings your mistakes how you do that by spending some time before you start writing just thinking just noting down your key points if you do this much you’ll have a good base to start off with okay now for essay writing what do you do from here on like I said from here on we have essay writing – and we have essay writing three then we’ll talk about case writing so when you have a case study given to you how do you write an essay on that and we will talk about essay writing based on abstract topics and I’ll also share some frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions with you.